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Vegan and Cruelty Free 100% Natural cosmetics ECO friendly
ECO minerals vegan cosmetics was founded by Lulu Starman in 2006 with the vision of making Vegan, cruelty free, 100% natural products that are high performance - look and feel amazing on the skin and wear all day long. At that time, cruelty free and vegan makeup was no easy to find and did not compare in performance to mainstream brands that were not cruelty free or Vegan.
Lulu has always been an animal lover and has been Vegetarian or Vegan for most of her life - she is also a conscious consumer making sure products she purchase are in no plastic, or as little plastic as possible. ECO minerals is the worlds favourite ECO and Vegan cosmetic. Our cruelty free makeup products are so popular and so beautiful that they are proudly 100% color match guaranteed, or your correct color is free.
What is so important about purchasing Vegan cosmetics and vegan makeup? It is important to many customers that their products are animal friendly and genuinely free from animal testing and animal ingredients. The entire range of ECO minerals mineral cosmetics is certified Vegan and Certified Cruelty Free. We have not and never will use any ingredient that requires testing on animals. All of the ingredients we use, including the colours are Vegan and 100% pure, safe and natural.
Mineral makeup is the based on pure minerals or rocks that are ground finely to give beautiful coverage, a range of stunning and natural colours and protect our skin from the sun. Because these ingredients are so abundant, so stable and so safe, there is no need for animal testing or animal ingredients. The minerals used in ECO minerals natural cosmetics have been used since the days of Cleopatra. Ingredients like iron oxide and zinc oxide and lapas lazuli crystal all offer different qualities and colours to our products. You can see the full ingredient listing on the ingredient tab for each vegan cosmetic product.
Our Vegan makeup brushes are very popular - super soft and high performance cosmetic brushes that are hygienic and beautiful to use on the skin. These utilise the softest, finest synthetic fibres and are sourced from Korea.
ECO minerals is just as passionate about our footprint on our Planet as we are about being amazing Vegan cosmetic products. Most ECO minerals makeup products are available as ECO refill options - saving plastic and keeping our environment safer from waste and pollution.
We hope you enjoy using our natural vegan cosmetics whether you love an everyday natural makeup look or like to have fun with colors or love a matte or full coverage look.