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ECO minerals Vegan and ECO cosmetics - our story

eco minerals makeup founder lulu starman

ECO minerals was created by Lulu Starman and her beloved friend Amber Handley in 2007 with the clear intention of being a high performance, completely natural, ECO friendly Vegan cosmetic range.

Lulu started out selling ECO minerals to her friends, and then their friends and now to amazing retailers all across the Universe. ECO minerals have kept that friend culture and look after all customers, being sure they have the best products for the beauty of their skin. ECO minerals is a boutique brand of Vegan cosmetics committed to being ECO friendly and honouring all of our customers by offering our famous Color Match Guarantee - or your perfect colour is free.

Today ECO minerals is based in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia and is run by Lulu and her super powered business partner Michael.

ECO minerals are committed to being ECO cosmetics by offering ECO refill sachets to top up containers - these eco refill sachets are biodegradable and minimise plastic waste.

"There is so much love, pure intention and fun put into ECO minerals - the magic of our brand and product lies in our clear intention to create beautiful, pure products that are ECO friendly and cruelty free that look and feel simply PERFECT on your skin." Lulu Starman