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High performance natural cosmetics that are Vegan and Cruelty Free

eco minerals vegan makeup

ECO minerals is a high performance, 100% natural cosmetic range that is certified Cruelty Free and Vegan. From the very beginning ECO minerals has always had a strong commitment to have offer beautiful cosmetic product that are entirely free from animal testing and animal ingredients.

As well as being caring of animals, ECO minerals founder, Lulu Starman is also passionate about the effect we have on our beautiful Planet and offers minimal and biodegradable packaging options - after all, taking care of the environment is massively important to the well being of natural and animals.

"When i first decided to create a cosmetic brand it was very important to me that the brand and products would positively impact people and our precious planet. Every step of the way i considered the impact that our ingredients, company and products would have on the overall vibration of the Planet. I adore animals and strongly believe that there is no need for any animals to suffer in the name of beauty. Thank you to every conscious consumer for choosing cruelty free and Vegan cosmetics." Lulu Starman, Creator of ECO minerals