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What is Mineral Makeup

What is Mineral Makeup?

There are hundreds of mineral makeup brands to choose from - some natural and some contain chemicals and irritants.  ECO minerals is the only mineral makeup offering 2 different pure mineral foundation choices with ECO refills available...and FREE shipping.<span >We get so many questions and it is amazing to see so many conscious customers making <span >better choices for the planet, their sensitive skin and their health....all whilst achieving a beautiful finish on the skin.  Here are the answers to the questions we are most commonly asked. 

<span >
<span >What is mineral makeup - what are other makeups made from? Mineral Makeup is essentially ground up rocks and minerals from the Earth that are safe on the skin and even offer sun protection and other positive qualities including a beautiful appearance.  Makeups have often used natural ingredients in their formulations but these have often been mixed with irritating and potentially toxic preservatives, fillers and other chemicals.  Are these added for the benefit of your skin - no.  These are added to extend shelf life and to fill up or bulk up a product in some cases.  They are added for profit - not to benefit the customer.Mineral makeup is so unique and amazing because being a dry powder form, minerals do not need preservatives or other additives to keep them fresh and long lasting.

What are the benefits of mineral makeup over conventional liquid and non-natural products?
  • Gives full coverage for skin conditions such as acne rosacea, pigmentation and acne
  • Allows skin to breathe and does not clog pores
  • Pure minerals are ideal for sensitive skin
  • Minimizes soft lines & wrinkles
  • Easy to apply - a flawless finish and blend around jaw and neck
  • Natural sun protection from the minerals approximately SPF 24
  • Feels light and weightless on the skin
  • Long wearing
  • better for your skin and health as no toxic and irritating ingredients and preservatives
  • better for the environment read more
What is the best mineral makeup for my sensitive skin? <span ><span ><span ><span >The mineral foundation suitable for sensitive skin is a product <span >without bismuth oxychloride, talc, parabens.  High quality minerals will have a small ingredient list with the key ingredients of mica,  titanium, zinc,  iron and tin oxides along with ultramarines (all natural minerals) and perhaps Kaolin (derived from clay).<span ><span ><span >Sensitive skins usually find any pure product suitable, however some skins react to mica.  If you skin is extremely sensitive ask to trial ECO minerals Flawless<span ><span ><span > foundation range.
<span >
<span >What is the best mineral makeup for my oily skin? Mineral foundation suitable for oily complexions is a pure mineral product that contains a tiny amount of all natural Kaolin.  The Kaolin assists with controlling excess oil and throughout the day to avoid a shiny, oily look. <span ><span ><span ><span >ECO minerals Flawless pure mineral foundation is a perfect choice for oily complexions.

<span >What is the best mineral makeup for my dry skin? <span ><span ><span >Dry skin is especially suited to pure mineral formulations that do not contain Kaolin.  Kaolin can soak up extra moisture and give a dry appearance.<span ><span ><span ><span >ECO minerals pure mineral formulation best for dry skin is the Perfection range.  Apply your minerals within 5 minutes of your moisturizer or face oil and allow 5 minutes for the minerals to blend with your skin.  You will be surprised at how nourishing powder minerals are for your skin.
<span ><span >
Why does ECO minerals make two mineral foundation formulas..Perfection and Flawless? <span ><span ><span ><span >There is no one makeup that is perfect for all skin types and because we are serious about bringing you the most pure and beautiful mineral foundation we have two best selling formulas<span >: Perfection and Flawless.  Read above to see which is the best for your skin.
<span ><span > 
<span ><span >Vegan makeup - is your Mineral Makeup and makeup brush Cruelty Free? <span ><span >Many makeup companies still test on animals or use ingredients that are tested on animals.  Many also use ingredients derived from dead animals in their formulations.  <span >ECO minerals products are free from animal testing and animal ingredients, making them Vegan safe. <span ><span ><span ><span ><span >Many animals still suffer due to the use of their hair and fur in makeup brushes.  It used to be true that the best brushes to apply makeup are animal brushes.  We have found, along with thousands of our customers, that the best brushes are high quality synthetic brushes.  These brushes have super fine fibres for a soft touch and flawless application of your minerals. The added benefit is that they are hygienic because they are washable and they are also long lasting making them great for the environment also because there is less waste.
<span ><span ><span ><span >
<span >Do ECO minerals makeup contain talc? <span ><span ><span ><span >Sounds safe enough - but here is the lowdown " <span ><span ><span >As an ingredient, talc it is very cheap so offers great profit margin for producers, however it offers no benefit for the skin and can in fact cause problems. The main disadvantages of talc as a cosmetic ingredient is its comedogenic effect which means it will clog skin and block pores. Those particularly affected by this will be people with acne, pimples, rosacea and anyone who has undergone cosmetic treatments. Talc can also have an occlusive effect on the skin, trapping heat and toxins and eventually interrupting the normal function of the skin."
<span >
<span >How natural are the ingredients - is ECO minerals 100% natural?
<span >ECO minerals is created only from pure minerals from the Earth.  There is no need for chemicals preservatives because the minerals are in a powder form.  We choose only minerals that are beneficial to the skin and safe for your health.  Remember, not all natural ingredients are considered safe and not all natural ingredients are beneficial to your skin. <span >Pure minerals also offer the highest natural sun protection.
<span ><span ><span ><span ><span >
<span ><span ><span ><span ><span >Is ECO minerals mineral makeup certified organic? <span ><span ><span ><span >True mineral makeup can be 100% safe and natural, but by most leading certification bodies, can not be certified organic.  This is because, like salt and water, minerals are "made" by the Earth.  They are not farmed or grown and as such they can not be officially certified<span ><span ><span ><span ><span >Some mineral makeups are certified organic and this may be because they contain herbs and other ingredients primarily - for example rose petals and corn starch and rice powder.<span ><span ><span ><span ><span >We believe that the best mineral makeup (looks the best, feels the best and is best for the skin) is made from pure minerals...and we do not add botanical ingredients so we can be certified organic.<span ><span ><span ><span ><span >We do love and support certified organic skin care...and certified organic food<span ><span ><span ><span ><span > - just not certified organic mineral makeup!
<span ><span ><span ><span ><span >
<span ><span ><span ><span ><span >Nano particles - what are they and does ECO minerals contain nano particles in their natural makeup?<span ><span ><span ><span ><span >Nano particles are tiny particles that are so small they are rarely found in nature and the jury is out on the risks...however studies show that these are potentially dangerous as these tiny particles can make their way through our skin into our blood and liver very quickly and in short, our bodies are not made to deal with such tiny particles.<span ><span ><span ><span >To be safe, ECO minerals avoid the use of nano particles (also called micronised particles) - they simply are not necessary to bring you the best mineral makeup (look, feel and effect) for your skin.
What is Mineral Makeup
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Larisa, Mildura


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Great cover but also a very natural look
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Fantastic service - colour
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I am really happy with the finish,
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Completely natural, VEGAN and
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