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The Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Makeup and the art of making and applying cosmetics have a very ancient history dating back to very early civilizations when the art was not the exclusive domain of women. Indeed the warriors of the Pictish nation in Scotland and the ancient Celtish men would be daubed in colours to enhance their fighting prowess and frighten their enemies.

The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Chinese all used various forms of makeup to enhance beauty, to treat skin conditions and to protect themselves from bright sunlight. Makeup decoration was also used extensively by both men and women in religious ceremonies in many civilisations around the world.

As I am sure we have all seen, Japanese Geisha women used makeup made from rice powder to produce a completely white skin. Again, both men and women of the middle ages, particularly the 1600s and 1700s used makeup made from lead powder and arsenic, a poison, which would do terrible damage to their skin. Much of the most ancient makeup ingredients were made with very natural ingredients, there being no chemical industry to speak of in those far off days. Products used included egg-whites and chalk to produce a paler complexion and flour and butter to treat pimples. Sheep blood and fat was used for nail colouring and henna has been used, and is still used extensively to this day, to decorate skin throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia. The famous eye-brow and skin colourant "kohl", also still used today, was made from copper ore, lead, ash and ochre.

So it might be argued that this modern return to mineral makeup is simply part of an ancient cycle of popular behaviour.

With the recent rise in tolerance of people's sexual orientation and the "coming out" of the LGBT communities, the world has seen a rise in makeup use by men. Popular bands and artists like Boy George, Simon Cowell, Marylyn Manson and the still popular Freddie Mercury have all significantly changed people's attitude to men wearing makeup.

However, choosing the correct makeup product remains just as important for everyone, especially considering how dominant harmful chemical-based products are in today's market. Mineral makeup offers a healthy and beautiful option for all of us.

What about mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup is the use of naturally occurring ingredients in the manufacture of makeup. These natural products are safe and even beneficial to the skin. The benefits are not just for beauty, they are also used for medical purposes. Dermatologists around the world recommend the use of these products for patients with sensitive skins and those with acne, rosacea and acne-prone skins.

Popular mineral makeup brands in the market include, Sephora, SheerCover, BareMinerals, PurMinerals and Iredale. A pure mineral makeup, which does not use fillers, is based on safe natural ingredients: iron oxide, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and in particular for oily skin, kaolin clay. Some manufacturers add fillers or other harmful ingredients. ECOminerals avoid all fillers that detract from the performance of the product or that may irritate the skin. These ingredients include: bismuth oxychloride, magnesium stearate, talc, silica, sericite, and many more. The cosmetic products vary in their basic composition based on the issue they are intended to address; whether the skin is oily, dry, or needs moisturising. However, choosing the best mineral makeup product can be challenging.

Many consumers now use mineral products; products which have no harmful side effects but do have beneficial additional effects. What makes these products even more popular is that they work beautifully, even for people with problematic skin conditions.

The different base ingredients each work in different ways, which is why they are used in combination with one another.

Zinc oxide and titanium oxide have sunscreen properties that ensure the skin is adequately protected from sunburn. Kaolin clay is instrumental in the absorption of skin fats, refining skin pores and helping to avoid and even clear-up skin breakouts. Kaolin clay is therefore used extensively in cosmetics intended for use on oily skins. Mica is popular in ‘anti-aging’ cosmetic products; feeling delightfully silky, they reflect light off the skin and reduce the formation of wrinkles and large pores.

There are other natural additives that include, dyes, pigments, and other minerals. Different companies have unique blends aimed at gaining a competitive edge against their rivals. There are unique blends of coloured micas and iron oxides which add or change colour. The mineral makeup market consists of: dermatologists, skincare specialists, doctors and celebrities, as well as non-specialist women who have actively informed themselves about the distinct benefits of using mineral products and the harmful effects of using chemical products on their skin.

The pricing of mineral makeup products also varies greatly because the base ingredients used affect the final price. Prices range from as low as $10 for a product up to higher than $50. The most popular mineral makeup foundations are powder products which are very light and finely ground, making their absorption into the skin much faster, especially when applied with very fluffy blush brushes.

The debate about whether mineral cosmetic products are the ideal solution to skin beauty problems continues to hit the headlines; even so, the products’ popularity is on the increase and judging by the trends and accessibility of the products globally, mineral cosmetic products are here to stay! The mineral make up revolution, born in the 1970s, provided women with a chemical-free option for the enhancement of skin beauty. This was a most welcome idea considering the harmful effects that had been documented from the use of chemical cosmetic products. The best mineral makeup products today are free from the harmful chemical ingredients and preservatives that were present in the older cosmetic products.

Benefits of mineral make up for Rosacea (sensitive skin)

Women with sensitive skin, also known as Rosacea, derive a host of benefits from the use of mineral makeup. Mineral cosmetic products offer women of all skin types a variety of benefits.

  • For those with an oily skin, there is a powdered product that is free of oil; for dry-skin there are formulations rich in zinc oxide to ensure that your skin is protected from drying. The products also ensure that your skin maintains its natural appeal, as well as balancing the oils that are naturally present on the skin: organic mineral makeup is an excellent choice.
  • The number one cause of dry skin is blocked skin pores. Chemically based cosmetics did not alleviate this problem. If anything, they added to it because they adhere to the skin like a mask and block the skin pores which will produce a dry skin.
  • Mineral cosmetic products do not use any fragrances or preservatives that are common in chemically based cosmetic products. This protects women from both the harmful effects of the preservatives, as well as possible allergic reactions.
  • The most preferred treatment for women suffering with Rosacea is zinc oxide. This offers a much healthier alternative for your skin and will help return your skin to smooth, natural look.

  • It is important to know which products are good for your particular skin and which products are not. Make sure you carefully check all the ingredients listed on the packaging of your chosen skin-care product. Avoid all products with added preservatives or fragrances.

    Products that will protect you from the sun should be rich in zinc oxide.

    Health conscious consumers who prefer a product that is free from nano-particles should select products rich in titanium oxide. For a more youthful glow choose products that do not contain kaolin, talc, magnesium stearate, but which are high in mica.

    The way mineral products work their magic is that they blend in with the skin and the skin’s natural oils; they work in a complementary fashion. Most of the minerals also contain light reflecting properties that ensure the skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun and they will enhance your natural look.

    The advantage of using mineral make ups

    Skin conditions are a major hindrance for some women when wearing make up. For many, their makeup is the actual cause of their skin troubles because the makeup itself aggravates the problem. This does not have to be the case. You can still apply the right choice of makeup even though you might have a skin condition. What you need is mineral makeup. Mineral makeup does not just accommodate or conceal the problem, it actively helps to improve your skin condition.

    For some women with chronic skin issues, it will enable them to wear makeup and to live their lives with greater self-confidence. Chemical makeup is known to clog the pores and aggravate acne, a problem that mineral makeup addresses to perfection. The makeup infuses with the natural skin oils just beneath the skin and works in a complementary fashion. This ensures that the skin does not react to the makeup and produce unwelcome side effects.

    Wearing makeup can cause some women distress and a sense of apprehension. These women have grown to dislike the look and feel of makeup. Mineral makeup also addresses both of these problems as it has both a natural look and feel which also avoids the sometimes gaudy and layering effect of chemical based cosmetics. This comfortable feeling is because of the natural pigments that are used in the formulation of these products. The wearing and use of mineral cosmetics allows your skin to develop and breath naturally, avoiding the side effects that are associated with chemical products, such as wrinkles, dryness and spots which can occur, especially after prolonged and repeated use.

    For people living in high humidity environments, mineral makeup allows the skin to breath, promoting natural growth. You can also swim with the makeup on because it is water resistant and prevents blocked pores. Mineral makeup is irritation free and actually helps soothe irritated skin, they are also excellent retainers of moisture and help keep the skin supple and soft. Zinc oxide can also be used immediately after an occurrence of skin peeling. This is because of its naturally inherent anti-inflammatory properties.

    Mineral cosmetic products also have a much longer "shelf-life'. This translates to less cost for you because mineral makeup foundation products can be stored and used for longer. The same product can also be used in a much wider variety of ways, such as on the lips, eyes, cheeks and nails. 'Anti-aging' properties certainly interest many people and maintaining that young look is everybody’s dream. Mineral makeup minimises wrinkles, letting your skin keep that youthful, fresh, natural look and shine.

    All natural mineral makeup is also known to keep bacteria off your skin; they are also gentle and do not inflame the skin; they are especially recommended for acne-prone patients because of their bacteria-free nature. The makeup is literally weightless as well as invisible because of its ability completely to fuse with the outer layer of skin: it helps you to maintain a ‘makeup-free’ and very natural look. That is not all, their coverage is long lasting and your skin will retain a smooth and even look and leaves you feeling as though you are not wearing any makeup at all!

    The biggest misunderstanding that often causes some people to criticise the product, is that some companies will claim that their mineral products are more ‘natural’ than conventional makeup. This is not entirely true. The important difference is what has been left out. Most of the skin irritants and harmful chemicals are not present in mineral makeup, making them the preferred choice for people with sensitive skins.

    Ecominerals is the leading retailer of mineral makeup in Australia because we understand all your skin needs, and we provide you with exactly the right product for your individual skin. Should you have any questions about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to discuss your concerns and needs and offer you a solution that makes you more beautiful and builds your self-confidence.



Great product!!! Love the finish and how
minimal you have to use to get an even coverage.

Larisa, Mildura


Great product! i love how just a tiny amount
gives coverage i want.

Leanne, Potts Point


I am in love with ECO minerals. The best mineral make up I have ever used It's beautiful!

Libby, Newcastle


Great cover but also a very natural look
and quick and easy to apply.

Nadine, Hobart


Finally a product my sensitive
skin can wear - amazing finish.

Belinda, Broome


Fantastic service - colour
match guarantee much appreciated - thank you!

Linda, Darwin


I am really happy with the finish,
coverage and how long foundation wears - very impressed!

Gabrielle, Adelaide


Completely natural, VEGAN and
ECO friendly… AND beautiful - thank you ECO minerals.

Kylie, Byron Bay